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Healing Balm for Paws, Noses, Jowls

Healing Balm for Paws, Noses, Jowls

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Pawsitively Healing Balm is a wonderful balm that Robin created for her dogs' paws. Between their hiking adventures in the summer and the snow, ice and salt on the sidewalks in the winter, she uses this fabulous balm all year long. It smells fantastic!

Just smooth a small amount on your dog's paws, nose, ear tips and/or chapped jowls, and this balm soothes and heals quickly. Completely non toxic and safe if the animal ingests the balm or licks it off, which of course they will do if they can! The Lavender essential oil helps reduce the licking, though.

Robin also used this on her dog's ear tips. For years they had been crusty and sometimes bloody. Her vet told her there was nothing she could do about it. Ha! This stuff cleared up the crusty ear tips in just a few days! Her vet was surprised! And now, about a year later, her dog's ear tips are still healthy and soft.

NEW packaging! Once the old packaging has been gone through, the 2 oz will come in an aluminum screw-top tin. The 4 oz has already been converted.

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Olive Oil (infused with Comfrey, Plantain, Calendula, Yarrow and Rosemary leaves), Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Candelilla Wax, Shea Butter, Essential Oils: Lavender, and Chamomile.

Key Features

Made with all natural ingredients:

  • Olive Oil to moisturize and calm inflammation
  • Comfrey to reduce inflammation and promote healing
  • Plantain to kill germs, reduce inflammation, reduce itching, and reduce pain
  • Calendula to speed the healing process, relieve itching, relieve pain, and relieve inflammation
  • Yarrow to stop bleeding, reduce pain, kill germs, and reduce inflammation
  • Rosemary to kill germs and speed the healing process
  • Coconut Oil to lock in moisture, relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and speed the healing process
  • Castor Oil to reduce inflammation and kill germs
  • Shea Butter to deeply moisturize, reduce inflammation, speed the healing process, and soothe
  • Lavender Essential Oil to ease irritation & inflammation and heal
  • Chamomile Essential Oil to reduce inflammation, speed the healing process, and soothe


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We make ALL PRODUCTS with the highest quality ingredients - unrefined and organic when possible. All products are handmade in our workshop in Santa Fe, NM. We incorporate aromatherapy through beneficial essential oils in every product, so not only do the products work extremely well, they smell amazing. Everything we make is 100% Vegan and leaves your skin gorgeous!

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This product is free of:

  • Preservatives and chemicals
  • Artificial colors and dyes
  • Synthetics and parabens
  • Animal products, animal by-products, and animal testing
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

I love this stuff, smells great! My dog loves the smell of it as well, he just wanted to lick the tin. Thank you soo much! Definitely would recommend her products! Also the sample of hand cream is fantastic & I’m going to have to buy some soon!💜

We moved from a humid state to a very dry state and...

our doggy had a very hard time with his nose. It became dry and cracked. Before it got to this point, I tried other dog salves that didn't help. It became serious. We got past the emergency on our own.... and now it's been awhile. The winter has given him some relief. I received this balm 8 days ago. I am very impressed. Within 3 days one side is back to normal. The other side is improving greatly. The red under the black pores is now gone and it's looking much better. Our 'ol guy is finally recovering. Thank you Robin and Pawsitively Healing Balm.

Ilana K
Best stuff for chapped noses and sore ears

I've been using this on my 14-year-old pup's chapped nose during our dry winters for 2 years now and it works wonders. His nose goes from being cracked to being a completely normal doggy nose. He doesn't mind the application and doesn't try to lick it off. I've also used this on his ear flaps when they appear to be getting red and the ears go back to normal within a few days. Very grateful to have found this product.

Helped my pooch heal after tumor removal

This made such a difference in my dogs healing after I ran out of the gel I purchased at the vets office. Without the gel, his skin started scabbing over and causing him to chew at it and I needed a cheaper solution and I'm so glad I found it in this balm! His scab healed up quickly and now I just keep the area moisturized and clean while his skin continues growing back. Thank you Robin!!

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