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Vegan Diaper Rash Cream

Vegan Diaper Rash Cream

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This Vegan Diaper Rash Cream will naturally relieve your little one's painful red rashes. It features soothing and healing shea butter, plant oils, zinc oxide, bentonite clay, and essential oils. It creates a water resistant barrier that ensures the ointment will stay on the skin. Their diaper rash will be gone in no time!

*Order the 2 or 4oz jar, and we will send you a 1 oz tin (free) for your diaper bag as well!

Made with 100% natural ingredients:

-Shea Butter to kill germs, reduce inflammation, heal, and soothe skin

-Coconut Oil to relieve redness, irritation, and itching

-Candelilla Wax to repel liquid

-Olive Oil to relieve inflammation, relieve itching, and kill germs

-Zinc Oxide Powder to relieve inflammation and soothe skin

-Bentonite Clay to absorb moisture, fight bacteria, and heal skin

-Chamomile Essential Oil to reduce inflammation and relieve pain

-Lavender Essential Oil to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and kill germs

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Candelilla Wax, Olive Oil, Zinc Oxide Powder, Bentonite Clay, Essential Oils: Chamomile, Lavender

*Safe for all ages

*Comes in a 2 oz or 4 oz jar

NEW packaging! Once the old packaging has been gone through, the 2 oz will come in a glass jar. The 4 oz has already been converted.

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