BRC Blackhead Extracting Mask Benefits | By Robin CreationsBRC Blackhead Extracting Mask Benefits | By Robin Creations

BRC Blackhead Extracting Mask Benefits

Let's talk about the benefits of our NEW Blackhead Extracting Mask!

Vegan Blackhead Extracting Mask

Our mask is 100% vegan, chemical free, and all-natural! Most mainstream blackhead removing products on the market are filled with junk like petroleum, SLS, Propylene Glycol, artificial dyes, animal products, and more! Who needs that when you can use our clean & effective Blackhead Extracting Mask with just 3 SIMPLE INGREDIENTS!

Let's talk about what's inside! Our mask contains just Calcium Carbonate, White Kaolin Clay, and Non-nano Zinc Oxide. These ingredients wipe out those blackheads with ease! In case you don't know what a blackhead is, it is sebum that has oxidized with the air and turned a dark color. The 3 simple ingredients in our mask pull/absorb all of that oxidized oil & dirt and leave your skin blackhead free! The mask also exfoliates the skin, reduces inflammation & redness, improves circulation, and softens the skin as well.

It's super easy to use too! Just dip a moist cotton ball or mask brush or pad into the powder and apply a thin coat of wet mask to problem areas/entire face. Let dry completely, then gently scrub off with warm water. Follow with cleanser and then moisturizer.


Check out this testimonial from Kesha:

"I've been using the cleanser (soap) with turmeric and banana along with the blackhead scrub for over 2 weeks. My skin has never looked better! My skin feels so soft and clear. I have not had any blemishes since. After using the blackhead scrub I noticed my blackheads diminishing after using the product the first time. I highly recommend this product to anyone and will definitely be purchasing more soon. I started off using the blackhead extract mask every other day for 2 weeks. The banana turmeric soap I used everyday without any problems.  It is my new favorite to add to my cleansing routine. I rate both products a 10." 


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