How our company was founded | By Robin CreationsHow our company was founded | By Robin Creations

How our company was founded

Vegan Handmade Skin Care with clean, pure, high quality ingredients.

Robin had been an Etsy and handmade product consumer for many years and the idea of being a "maker of things" had been very appealing for over a decade.

Then one day, while she was on a camping trip, a friend handed her a new lip balm with no label.

"Hmmm", Robin asked, "Did you make this?" Her friend nodded and Robin's internal "maker" gears began to turn.

That was the moment her business was born. She started with making and perfecting vegan lip balm and deodorant. Then, one by one, new products were made, tested and perfected.

She sold her products locally to friends, family, and at craft shows and farmers markets. Then, after some fun success selling locally, she started up her Etsy shop and a separate website. This was her place to shine! She loves people, selling, and providing extraordinary customer service. 

By Robin Creations has come such a long way. It now has its own website and 2 employees (and 2 shop dogs)! 

With every order we receive, we send that customer a hand-written thank you note, the products they ordered, and at least 1 (usually more) free full size or trial size item.

We ship all orders within 1 day of receipt, and we follow up with all customers. We let them know about new products and sales and also ask everyone to review the products they have ordered.

Please check out our store, and you will find some delightful and practical products that will enhance the quality of your life.

Our products also make wonderful gifts for everyone on your list!

Thank you for taking the time to see how we got started and for taking a peek into our store!

Meet our staff!


I am the face behind this amazing brand!  I grew up in the Bay Area in California with my parents and my older brother, Gary.  I have 2 wonderful grown sons, Jackson & Mitchell and two adorable dogs, Foxxy & Cane.  After having a few unsatisfying careers, I finally joined my mom selling residential homes in Los Gatos & the Santa Cruz Mountains in California.  Although I absolutely loved working with clients to help them buy and sell homes, I felt the need to leave Real Estate and create my own skin care business.  After starting my business, my mom and I decided to move to Santa Fe, New Mexico, to be closer to my brother and his family.  When I am not running my business and making products, I take my dogs to fun places in the Santa Fe area or am hanging out with friends.  I also spend a lot of time at my mom's house, helping her with everyday tasks, talking news and politics and going to farmers markets together. 


I, Ethan Walsh, was born and raised in Santa Fe. I was born in 1991, and I've been working in production since 2011. I've worked in fine art framing, medical device production, and most recently in vegan body and skin care for the last 3 years. Since becoming the production manager of BRC I've only wanted to see the business grow and see it become somewhere that people love and trust the products that come out of it.

Not only am I the production manager for BRC, I also run my own coffee brand called 840Coffee ( I want nothing but to produce fair trade coffee that everyone can enjoy, love, trust, and keep coming back for more.


I pack and fill orders, make soap and bath bombs, and create many other products for the store. I make the product labels as well. In my spare time, I like to play video games, watch movies/tv shows, and be creative in what ever form it may take. I am currently going to school working toward an associates degree in fine art with a focus in ceramics and eventually getting a masters in art therapy. I love everything about working for BRC because I am able to create and make sure every customer gets what they need. Working for Robin has been an incredible experience. Every day is a chance to learn how beneficial it is to know how natural skin care can make a huge difference. It is a really fun work environment, and I am very thankful to be able to be a part of an amazing business. I was born and raised in Santa Fe, NM and still currently live there with my boyfriend and two cats, Harvey and Evee. I am currently learning how to ride a motorcycle.


Hi!  I’m Foxxy!  I am a 9 year old Queensland Heeler/German Shepard mix.  Technically, I was the first employee at BRC Skin Care, as I was on the floor (literally) from the beginning.  I watched as Robin would make new products in our kitchen.  I listened to her when she needed to vent about failed products and gave her advice, sometimes, on how she could improve some of them.  If I am being completely honest (but not humble), I am really the genius behind the magic of BRC Skin Care.  It was my idea for her to start making animal care products because I had a super itchy spot on my hiney, and she made a spray and a balm that cleared them right up!  When I am not watching my mom make her amazing creations, I am in the yard playing with my annoying little brother Cane or I am laying smack in the middle of Robin’s office while she is working.  I always need to be as close to her as possible.  She is my favorite hoooman.


Oh hi!  My name is Cane.  I am a 2 year old Queensland Heeler.  My favorite thing on the planet is any dog toy I can find.  I loooove dog toys so much!  My favorite toy is a giant rat that my momma bought me.  I try my best to shred it to pieces, but I just can’t destroy it.  My mom says it is “indeestruktabell”, whatever that means.  I do not help much with making products and advising mom like Foxxy does because I only want to play with my toys.  On really hot days my mom takes me and Foxxy to the doggie swimming pool at her friend’s house or to the Big River on the super bumpy dirt road.  I love going to those places, but she won’t let me bring my toys.  And sometimes, on really cold days, white fluffy flakes fall from the sky.  I really love chasing them and running through them when they pile up the ground, but sometimes my toys disappear under that white stuff and I can’t find them.  At night, when my mom goes to bed, I love to cuddle up next to her on her extra pillow.  She calls me her snuggle bug.  I love it when she calls me that.