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About Us

Pure Perfection! Vegan Handmade Skin Care with clean, pure, high quality ingredients!

Robin had been an Etsy and handmade product consumer for many years and the idea of being a "maker of things" had been very appealing for over a decade. Then one day, while she was on a camping trip, a friend handed her a new lip balm with no label. "Hmmm", Robin asked, "Did you make this?" Her friend nodded and Robin's internal "maker" gears began to turn. That was the moment her business was born.

She started with making and perfecting vegan lip balm and deodorant. Then, one by one, new products were made, tested and perfected. She sold her products locally to friends, family, and at craft shows and farmers markets. Then, after some fun success selling locally, she started up her Etsy shop. This was her place to shine! She loves people, selling, and providing extraordinary customer service. By Robin Creations has come such a long way and now has its' own website! 

With every order we receive, we send that customer a hand-written thank you note, the products they ordered, and at least 1 (usually more) free full size or trial size item. We ship all orders within 1 day of receipt, and we follow up with all customers. We let them know about new products and sales and also ask everyone to review the products they have ordered.

Please check out our store, and you will find some delightful and practical products that will enhance the quality of your life. Our products also make wonderful gifts for everyone on your list!

Thank you for taking the time to see how we got started and for taking a peek into our store!


About Us
 Robin Goddard
 By Robin Creations Vegan Skin & Body Care