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So I have “mature” skin and haven’t had to deal with acne for a very long time. One morning I woke up to very red and irritated facial skin. My face also became very bumpy and broke out. I had no idea what to do but knew I wanted to try something clean and natural. I had bought some products from this site previously so looked and found this bar soap. It has only been about 2 weeks but I have seen a huge difference!! I was afraid that it would dry out my mature skin but it doesn’t!! Thank you, I am loving this stuff.

Trying new product

Oddly enough, I have not had the huge bruises since receiving this product. I hope it will make a difference when one (or more) appear. I am hoping for a speedy healing, but doubt that will happen. Will try to update progress later. Thanks for developing something to help aging skin!

Fantastic stuff!

I have Achilles tendinitis and decided to try Robin's Arnica & Turmeric Pain Relieving Balm. To me, it feels warm as I am rubbing it into my ankle, and the pain and stiffness are gone and remain so for a few hours. I carry a small tin with me so that I can apply it after long car trips or when traveling. I have also used it on my hand when a touch of arthritis flares up and, again, the pain is relieved. This is fantastic, and all with only natural ingredients!

Great nail serum!

I've been using a nail protein for years. Since I have loved all byRobinCreations products that I have tried so far, I decided to try this nail serum and am so glad I did! It seems to really strengthen and condition my nails. I put it on about once a week after removing the nail protein (which I still use), let it dry and be completely absorbed into my nails, after which I apply a coat of the nail protein (which leaves a subtle shine similar to a clear polish). I have noticed a difference in the condition and strength of my nails, and have experienced less breakage than I did using the nail protein alone. Another winning product!

I absolutely love the after shower oil! It smells great without being overpowering. And feels soft and silky without feeling oily or greasy. And, it makes a great gift! I have an elderly client who has very weathered skin from all her outdoor activities over the years. I gifted her the after shower oil, and she claims it worked 100% better than any lotion on her severely dry and hardened skin. And I agree!

Fantastic product!

I don't have eczema all the time but will occasionally have outbreaks of it. Some doctors, including a dermatologist (whom I no longer see), have sometimes misdiagnosed it and prescribed creams which I chose not to use because of certain toxic ingredients. When I had a recent outbreak, I tried Robin's Herb Infused Healing Salve which seemed to help. Then I saw that her Eczema Relief Body Oil was available and I immediately purchased it. It was a miracle cure! The eczema rash was dramatically better after one application and completely gone in two days! Love it!


So this is the smoothest serum I have ever used. It feels like silk. I appreciate the natural products used in it and also no toxic substances in the product. Thank you. Robin.

Keep the acne away

This is the second bar we have ordered and my daughters skin loves it! The bar lasted her about 5 months🙌 she also enjoys the little gifts included in her order! It’s time I order one for my son now! Thank you for great products!

Good for your gums!

After I was diagnosed with periodontal disease, I tried every suggestion I came across. There was no noticeable improvement until after I began using this toothpaste. I recently ran out, so purchased a highly rated name brand toothpaste specifically for gum health and within a couple of weeks my gums were bleeding. So I reordered this and my gums are no longer bleeding. So I’m sticking with it!

Can't say enough good things...

I just love the shampoo and conditioner bars. The shampoo is rich and sudsy and smells wonderful. The conditioner is rich and does a beautiful job. My hair is in so much better condition since I started using BRC products. The bars seem to last for ever - I think I've been using mine about 6 months and they're still almost as big as they were when I started. I like the leave in conditioner mist too. I can't see any split ends anymore and I haven't had my hair cut in almost 6 months. I used to have to get my hair trimmed all the time because the ends were so dry and dull. That isn't happening anymore. Love all the BRC face products too. I'm a BRC addict now. Not only are the products wonderful they are safe without all the nasty chemicals that most commercial products contain.

Love this product!

I've been using this for a year, and I love the way it makes my skin feel. This is a wonderful edition to the other facial products.

I SO love this amazing lip oil!

Wow!...where has this amazing product been my whole life? My initial order arrived less than a week ago & I'm already back to purchase more of these amazing lip oils. 3 months' worth of 100+ degree temps this summer has done a number on my lips.... This wonderful product has both soothed & added in much-needed moisture in a matter of just a few days. Wow! I'm hooked!..

Perfect travel companion,

I love this shampoo for at home, but I especially love it for travel. I don’t have to worry about ounces or leaks. I use it every time I shampoo my hair lather it up in my hands and massage those bubbles in down to the scalp. Coconut vanilla is my current favorite.

Love the new package

Round tube appears to have more deodorant. Old style didn't last as long.

Loving this shampoo and conditioner

Just 2 weeks into using the dandruff formula shampoo and conditioner my hair is softer, shinier and less tangled than with any department store products I have tried. Thank you for another wonderful product!!!!

love it and have for years!

I have been using this for years. I love that it’s vegan first of all. It’s smooth, creamy and has sunscreen which is hard to find. Really does protect! Love it

Excellent creativity and help

My mother has special needs and is a very delicate individual physically. So found out how many lip balms we needed to order for her. And Robin created a special order according to what she wanted just for her. The lip balm is working very well for her and we appreciate that Robin was willing to help us. Thank you, Robin.

My favorite!!

I bought the lavender-pine deodorant at a craft show and it is my absolute favorite. The scent is amazing, and the product works great. I'm so glad I found something natural and local to replace the mass-produced stuff at the grocery.

Refreshing Body Mist
Karen Lockwood

I bought the peppermint spray for a pick me up, for our hot summers, this does not disappoint. The peppermint is perfect and it smells wonderful. Also it does not dry out my skin. Very happy costumer!

Natural Lip Balm Tubes
Karen Lockwood

I can’t even begin to know how much I’ve spent on chapstick. This by far is the best I have ever tried. Stays hydrated all day leaves my lips soft. The peppermint is nice and soothing too.

So soft

Wow! I’m in love with this hand and body lotion, super soft skin awaits and it’s not greasy at all. I got mint Mohito I love this scent. I’m very happy with my purchase from this shop!

Smells wonderful

I love the smell of this, have bought skin tag solutions that would make you think you are in a chemical factory. My husband has skin tags from his armored vest and 24 years of wearing it. I have not been able to use it a lot yet but he, first time, does not complain about the smell and it is not driving him nuts with itch. Will keep using.

Wonderful! No extra work

Got bit years ago and it gave me athlete's foot, had no idea a spider bite could do that until I talked to a foot doctor. Anyway, have tried a 100 remedies and a few helped but did NOT end the infection. This cream is amazing! Non-greasy, absorbs quickly so you do not go sliding around in your sneaker. My skin around the affected toes instantly looked better and by the fourth application the constant inflammation had disappeared around the nail beds. There is a warming effect on the skin, not painful or uncomfortable. I highly recommend this. Service was a dream. Found this company on Etsy but asked for their website and will come again and again.


My Mom has struggled with cracked skin on her heels her entire life (82 years). I gifted her with a jar of this amazing balm and she feel in love with it immediately! She's the type of person who rarely gives a compliment: even when she likes a gift, she almost never tells you that she likes it. So, when she said 'this cream is amazing...I really really like it," it was the highest praise imaginable! :-) I plan to always make sure she has 1-2 jars of this AMAZING balm on hand since this product is simply AMAZING!

The sunblock bars are thick moisturizing and smell great

These lotion bars have a very thick formula and I would not use them on my face however they’re great anywhere else and they smell wonderful I would definitely recommend