Could Certain Foods be Triggering Your Eczema?


Are certain foods triggering your eczema? Eczema is an inflammatory condition that affects 3% of adults and 2% of children across the globe. Certain foods that cause inflammation in the body may be triggering your eczema outbreak. Things like cow's milk, eggs, wheat, and certain nuts can cause inflammation and could trigger eczema symptoms. Research from McMaster University in Canada concluded that eliminating foods like dairy could reduce or even stop flare ups in people who have mild to moderate eczema. “Milk is among the most commonly suspected allergens in infants and children,” Dr. Derek Chu, an assistant professor of medicine at McMaster University, explained. “Dairy, in general, is a common food across all ages, both of which likely contribute to patients and caregivers associating it with flares of atopic dermatitis.”

Allergens and environmental irritants could also be contributing to your eczema as well. Things like chemicals, artificial fragrances, pollution, pollen, and even stress can be triggers. Focusing on natural skincare products/treatments and a low inflammatory whole foods diet is a big step in helping to reduce or even clear up eczema.

-Robin and the Crew at BRC Skincare




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