What Can Trementina (Pinon Resin) Sap Do For You?

Never heard of trementina sap, aka pinon resin? It comes from the New Mexico Pine Tree and has been used by Native Americans for generations. It's commonly used to treat splinters, metal slivers, boils, stingers, bug bites, ingrown hairs, ingrown nails, skin tags and more!

A few weeks ago, shortly after I made my first batch of Trementina Drawing Salve, I noticed a deep blackhead on my shoulder (strange place for a blackhead, I know). I squeezed it a bit and it was not going to budge, so I gave up and went about my day. Later that evening, I remembered that I had that trementina salve, so I applied a pea-sized amount of the salve to the blackhead and covered it with a band-aid and went to bed. The next morning I tossed the band-aid in the trash and showered as usual. By the time I got out of the shower I had completely forgotten about the blackhead. That night, as I was getting ready for bed, I noticed that the blackhead had extracted itself about 90%. By morning, the blackhead was 100% gone and the surrounding skin looked perfectly normal. It did take a full 24 hours, but it really worked well! So cool!

We've crafted a salve that uses locally & ethically harvested New Mexico pinon resin, along with other healing herbs, drawing clays and soothing oils that draw the infection/foreign object toward the surface and promote healing of the area. It is a fabulous tool to keep on hand in your home first aid kit. This is also a must-have for gardeners, metalsmiths, construction workers, mechanics, landscapers, people who suffer from cystic acne, and so much more.

Have you tried trementina before? Share your experience with us! We would love to know how you used it!

-Robin & the Crew at BRC Skin Care-

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Hailey T.