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Vegan Kids Remineralizing Toothpaste

Vegan Kids Remineralizing Toothpaste

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This fantastic handmade Vegan Kids Remineralizing Toothpaste will do a wonderful job at cleaning your little one's teeth and gums. Tastes great and leaves their mouth feeling clean and refreshed. 2 fruity flavors to choose from! Your child will LOVE this toothpaste! There are absolutely no harmful chemicals!

Just have your child dip their wet toothbrush in the jar and scoop out an amount the size of a pea and brush as usual. There is no need for them to rinse their mouth afterward, as all ingredients are great for tooth, gum and mouth health. Additionally, it is not a problem if they swallow it, but it is best to spit it out.

Made using 100% natural ingredients:

-Calcium Carbonate to gently scrub and strengthen teeth

-Coconut Oil to kill bad bacteria, reduce plaque buildup, prevent tooth decay, and fight gum disease

-Erythritol Powder to kill bad bacteria, neutralize pH level, and naturally sweeten

-Baking Soda to gently scrub and whiten teeth

-Organic Sunflower Oil to soften

-Trace Minerals to rebuild and strengthen enamel

-Tea Tree Essential Oil to kill bad bacteria and reduce inflammation

INGREDIENTS: Calcium Carbonate, Coconut Oil, Erythritol Powder, Baking Soda, Sunflower Oil, Trace Minerals, Organic Fruit Extract, Tea Tree Essential Oil

2 Great flavors to choose from: Sweet Orange & Tropical Fruit

*Safe for ages 2+

*Comes in 4 oz glass jars, 4 oz refill bags & 8 oz refill bags (biodegradable)

If you would like to order multiple jars, of different flavors, just choose "2 jars" from the drop-down menu, and let us know which flavors in the comments section at checkout.


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We make ALL PRODUCTS with the highest quality ingredients - unrefined and organic when possible. All products are handmade in our workshop in Santa Fe, NM. We incorporate aromatherapy through beneficial essential oils in every product, so not only do the products work extremely well, they smell amazing. Everything we make is 100% Vegan and leaves your skin gorgeous!

Each product we sell is always handmade in small batches to ensure quality and freshness.

This product is free of:

  • Preservatives and chemicals
  • Artificial colors and dyes
  • Synthetics and parabens
  • Animal products, animal by-products, and animal testing
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Thumbs up

My very picky son refuses other thoothpaste after a month of use. This is my second order and I’m excited to see if his cavity goes away or stop growing at least. I will continue to be a repeat customer.

Jessica Ducat
Love Robins's toothpaste

I buy this for my kids and although at first it was a huge switch from conventional toothpaste (and taste)
They love it now. Every single kid (3 of them) has had great remarks from their dentist/orthodontist.

Josephine L.
amazing clean

Quality ingredients, and an unparalleled clean feeling. My favorite toothpaste ever. Smells great too. Not just for kids. :)

Kelsey Selby
The only toothpaste my son likes!

We have been using this toothpaste for a while! It is the only one my three year old does not complain about. It’s great quality and Robin ships very quickly! The added samples are always appreciated as well!

Valerie C
Helps keep my teeth clean!

I originally bought for my kiddos, and although they liked this flavor better than the orange one, I couldn't get them to convert to this kind of toothpaste. Since I loved how cleaned it made my teeth feel I started using it and loved it for myself. I tried the adult one that this company makes and didn't love it like this one so I continue to buy this one for me. I truly think it helps a ton with my teeth even though it is formulated for kids.

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