Eco Friendly Beauty Routine | By Robin CreationsEco Friendly Beauty Routine | By Robin Creations

Eco Friendly Beauty Routine

April is EARTH MONTH so it's the perfect time to talk about low waste and zero waste beauty! It's all about reducing your waste so it's not polluting the planet. You know. What we learned in school...Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and leave the planet better than when you found it. We are super excited to share some eco-friendly & zero waste beauty tips/swaps with you that will help make the world a better place!

{Swap Your Bath Pouf}

Switching from your plastic-based bath pouf loofah to a plant-based/reusable option will make the planet (and your skin!) very happy! Plastic loofahs are thrown out in no time, and that means lots of wasted plastic. Try swapping them for plant-based loofahs, potato-based konjac sponges, or crocheted cotton scrubbies (we have those here in our shop!). They are compostable/biodegradable and are really great gentle exfoliators too! That means that you can put them in your backyard compost to break down completely and not have any waste leftover. How great is that?

{Buy Products in Reusable/Recyclable Containers}

Buying products in glass, cardboard, aluminum, or paper containers allows them to be reused many times and recycled at the end of use. What's even better is finding a product that comes in a compostable/biodegradable container. There are many stores now too that offer a bulk section for you to bring your own container to fill. It's cheaper for everyone and better for the planet!  You can buy eco-friendly containers here in our shop)

{Wash With Less Waste}

Many people have a disposable plastic bottle for almost everything in their daily routine. That's a lot of waste that could be easily be reduced. Swapping everything for bars allows you to save time, energy, and money (bars tend to last significantly longer than liquid)! You can find soap. shampoo and lotion bars here in our shop.

{Brush Like a Panda}

Swap your regular toothbrush out for a bamboo one. It's 100% biodegradable/compostable once you take the bristles out. Just pull the nylon bristles out with pliers & toss them into the recycling bin. Put your handle outside in your compost. Even Colgate sells bamboo toothbrushes!

Another great way to green up your oral routine is opting for toothpaste that's not sold in plastic tubes. There are so many shops now selling toothpaste in reusable glass jars, and there are even toothpaste tabs & powders available!  Our toothpaste comes in a jar and can be found here in our shop.  We even have biodegradable ziplock toothpaste refill bags that you can use to fill your jar or other container.

{DIY Makeup}

There are a number of zero-waste makeup brands out there that allow you to either send back your old container to refill or allow you to buy refills to replace yourself.

Even better is getting your makeup directly from your kitchen. Fruits and vegetables are so simple, extremely vibrant, and 100% healthy to use. Raw beet root, blueberries, raspberries, and turmeric root are fantastic options for lip/cheek tint, mascara, eyeshadow, and eyeliner. There are so many options. Get creative! Check out Emily Chesher's video on youtube for a fantastic zero waste makeup tutorial.

We recently came across a very unique Eyeliner Pencil from Sprout that we thought was super cool. You can plant it when you are done with it, and it will grow beautiful wildflowers! 

{Shave Safely}

Safety razors. They have been very common with men for years and are now becoming quite popular with the ladies. Safety razors used to be what everyone used back in the day. Then, plastic disposable razors caught on. Disposable razors are very wasteful. You either throw the whole thing away or throw a plastic head away constantly. Another downfall is the ingredients in the head might not be vegan. With safety razors you choose what double edge safety blades you would like, insert one in, and you are good to go. Once your blade is dull just insert into a jar and you can recycle them once your jar is full. You get a closer shave and no irritation!


Happy Earthing!

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