10 oz Plastic Reusable Flairosol Bottle


This is our new favorite accessory!  We can not even explain how amazing these spray bottles are!  All you need to do is fill one up with your favorite thing to spray (see the list below), tighten the cap, and squeeze the trigger a few times. You will get a fine mist for a few seconds…not just one single trigger spray.  If you squeeze the trigger continuously, you will get a continuous spray for as long as you keep squeezing. 

The Flairosol fine mist sprayer package includes a 10 oz white plastic bottle and a white fine mist trigger sprayer. Used for packaging water-based liquids, this sprayer dispenses 1.2 cc of product per second in a long continuous spray with each squeeze of the trigger. Repeated actuation will produce an even fine mist over large areas.

Incredibly Versatile!  Can be used for:

  • Hair Care Products
  • Dog & Horse Care Products
  • Body Mist/Cologne
  • Mosquito Repellent
  • Car Care
  • Household Cleaners
  • Air Freshener
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Misting Plants
  • And so much more!

Flairosol Features:

  • 360° capability and even sprays upside down
  • Airless (propellant-free) design
  • Keeps product fresher for longer
  • Food Grade Resin: Perfect to use for edible water-based liquids.
  • Non-pressurized packaging
  • Refillable package: Reuse and refill the Flairosol fine mist spray bottle.
  • Quiet trigger: The trigger is designed to operate quietly.

Measurements (in):
Length: 2.13, Height: 9.75, Width: 2.13


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Customer Reviews

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Pamela Coyne
Great spray bottle.

Best sprayer ever. I use it on myself as a mister and to spray out clothes wrinkles. It has a longer, lighter spray, so you can get great coverage. This is my second one, for a backup.

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