Essential Oils and Your Pet | By Robin CreationsEssential Oils and Your Pet | By Robin Creations

Essential Oils and Your Pet

(Yes, those are 3 of my 4 fur babies in the picture above. Left to right: Foxxy, Aspen (the cat) and Cane)
Essential oils are a wonderfully powerful healing tool for humans and animals. Humans have been using essential oils for a long time, but are they actually safe for your pet?

Dogs and cats are a bit different from each other. Cats lack specific enzymes needed to break down and metabolize the compounds in some essential oils. One compound in particular, known as phenol, is a big problem for cats. It's naturally present in many different plants and in higher concentrations in essential oils. When in contact with this compound and others, cats can suffer with liver failure, respiratory problems, and even death in severe cases. So, it's best not to take a chance and diffuse around cats. Try diffusing in an area where they can't go or at the office. You could also try using passive diffusers that don't spray anything into the air. Just be sure they can't rub up against it. Some cats can actually tolerate using oils from non-toxic plants at low amounts without any issue. Just be sure to watch out for any allergic reactions.

Dogs on the other hand don't have any problems with essential oils and can break them down just fine. There are plenty of essential oils though that can be toxic and you shouldn't use them. We have included lists of safe and not safe essential oils/plants for dogs and cats. If you choose to use essential oils around your cat, please use ones that are from non-toxic plants and wash your hands before petting.


These are not complete lists. Be sure to do your own research on specific oils you want to use. Find an even more comprehensive list of dog safe essential oils below.


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