Hot Pavement Awareness For Your Pet | By Robin CreationsHot Pavement Awareness For Your Pet | By Robin Creations

Hot Pavement Awareness For Your Pet

Paws and Hot Pavement Don't Mix!

The hot weather is here and with the warmth comes hot, sticky, tarry roads. My amazing assistant (and social media goddess), Autumn, gathered the following information for us to share with you regarding the reasons you need to protect your dog's paws from harsh weather and how to do it.

Dogs' paws are just as sensitive as humans' feet. Proper foot protection means the world to dogs! Without something protecting their feet, they are left with painful burnt paws!

Hot Pavement Awareness For Your Pet

This is what can happen when your dog walks on a very hot pavement. [Photo credit: East Bay SPCA veterinary surgeon]

Hot Pavement Awareness For Your Pet

If the outside air temperature is 77 degrees Fahrenheit, asphalt and tarmac can reach a staggering 125 degrees! At that temperature skin destruction can occur in 60 seconds! A good test is to put the back of your hand on the asphalt for about 7 seconds, and see if you can comfortably hold it there. If you can't hold it there, your dog should not be walking on it, or your dog should not be walking on it without protection.

Pavement gets extremely hot due to it absorbing heat and not releasing it quickly. Some surfaces retain heat better than others. One university study showed that artificial grass (Astroturf) came out the hottest out of six different surfaces in four different trials. Coming in second was track material, and coming in third was asphalt. Artificial grass is being used more and more in parks and gardens, so take caution.

Hot Pavement Awareness For Your Pet
[Image credit: Frostburg State University]

Ways To Protect Your Pups' Paws:
There are quite a few options out there to protect your dogs' paws. From booties and socks to stick on pads and waxes. Shoes and socks can be quite problematic with fussy dogs. After some wrestling you manage to get them on and then...two seconds later your dog kicks them off. Ugh!

Paw waxes are so much easier! All you have to do it swirl their pads on the top of the wax, and you're all set! The wax makes a protective layer on the pads and keeps your pup's paws safe from the heat and tar. It's also a great moisturizer! Our Vegan Paw Protection Wax also heals and calms sore, cracked, & irritated paw pads.

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                     Hot Pavement Awareness For Your Pet

How to Care For Burned Paws:
1. Rinse the affected area with cool water. 
2. Apply a soothing ointment, and wrap with a cloth bandage, such as an ace bandage. 

Keep the bandage clean and dry. Change it daily until the pads have healed. Make sure to let your dog rest, and only have him or her walk on grassy surfaces.

*If the burn is severe, your dog should be taken to the vet.

Our Healing Balm for Dogs is a wonderful burn ointment that will get your dog's paws feeling better in no time! It speeds up the healing process, relieves pain, and kills germs.

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                      Hot Pavement Awareness For Your Pet

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