Multi-Purpose Products & $10 off Coupon! | By Robin CreationsMulti-Purpose Products & $10 off Coupon! | By Robin Creations

Multi-Purpose Products & $10 off Coupon!


Quite a few of our products are multi-purpose and have other helpful uses besides what they were created for! Keep on reading to find some alternative ways to use some of your favorite products you probably already have at home!

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Hand & Body Cream/Lotion/Body Butter: Caught off guard without your hair conditioner? Our lotions & body butters also make a great quick and easy conditioner!

Bath Fizzies/Shower Melts: These can also double as a toilet cleaner. Pop one in into the toilet and watch the nasty grime fizz away! They leave the toilet smelling heavenly!

Body Mist/Cologne Spray: Refresh your room the all natural way! Instead of using harmful synthetic chemical air fresheners, try our body mists or cologne sprays that are 100% naturally scented! These also work fantastically for freshening up the toilet.

Mask Fresh: Not just for masks! You can also diffuse your favorite scent with an essential oil diffuser of your choice or apply a diluted solution topically to enhance the benefits of the oil.

Personal Lube: You don't have to have this around just for a good time. You can also use it after waxing to soothe irritated skin, help dissolve clogged pores, and prevent bumps.

Healing Foot Scrub: This isn't just for feet. It's also great for the whole body! Get rid of any dull skin and make your body glow!

Detoxifying Face Mask: This is a very versatile mask that can also be used for clearing up bug bites, poison ivy, psoriasis, eczema, diaper rash, dandruff, greasy buildup on hair, and so much more!

Liquid Conditioner: You've heard it before...conditioner can double as shaving cream. Well, it's true! It's great for shaving because it coats and softens the hair which results in a smoother shave. You will also be left with fantastically moisturized skin!

Face & Beard Serum: Our face serum for men also makes a great pre-shave oil. Using this before applying shaving cream helps to prevent razor burn and allows for a much closer shave!


What are some of your favorite alternative uses for your BRC products? Do you use a product for another reason not on our list? Email & tell us! We'd love to know!

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