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Successfully Switch To Natural Deodorant

Having a hard time switching to a Natural Deodorant?

Do you stink? It's totally perfect and natural if you do. This usually means that your body is trying to detox itself. When people try making the switch to natural deodorant, some are left with a B.O. funk. This makes many people switch back to their old antiperspirant deodorant chocked full of aluminum and other nasties like propylene glycol, triclosan, BHT, artificial fragrances, and more. Aluminum is a genotoxin that can damage DNA, mutate DNA, and cause cancer. Propylene glycol is irritating to the skin and potentially toxic to the kidneys and liver. Triclosan has been linked to disrupting hormones and the endocrine system. BHT can possibly build up in the body and cause cancer. Artificial fragrances disrupt hormones, can cause different kinds of cancers and may cause neurological problems in children who were exposed as a fetus. Antiperspirants contain aluminum that works by blocking sweat glands and keeping you from sweating.
When you switch from a typical antiperspirant to a natural aluminum-free deodorant your body tries to resume normal function by releasing built-up sweat, aluminum, and bacteria - all at once! Since your body has not been able to release bacteria and toxins for however long, you might develop an odor and/or develop a rash when you switch deodorants. Just for a short time though! Once your body eliminates the built-up toxins you will be stink-free and healthy! A typical detox period is around 2 weeks. There are lots of things that can speed up the process and help you detox quicker.

Products That Make Your Armpits Detox Faster by Pulling Toxins Out:

-Activated Charcoal:
Draws out toxins, bacteria, and more! It also helps to eliminate odor and lighten dark spots.

Probiotics provide the skin with good bacteria and balance the skin's natural microbiome. They help to control the bad bacteria so you get more of the good bacteria and less of the stinky kind!

Apple cider vinegar, glycolic acid, malic acid, azelaic acid, or other natural acids help to lighten and soften the skin. Apple cider vinegar also kills bacteria, eliminates odor, and draws out toxins from pores.

Cleans pores and pulls gunk out. It then holds onto the gunk so the skin doesn't reabsorb it. It also reduces body odor and improves circulation.

Don't just take our word for it though! Many dermatologists say that these ingredients do speed up the detoxification process. Dr. Michele Farber, M.D., F.A.A.D., from Schweiger Dermatology Group, says that masks with clay pull out whatever is in the pores and help to deeply cleanse the armpits.

Did you know that our deodorant was featured in the Santa Fe Reporter as being one of the best natural deodorants on the market? After trying several dozen natural deodorants, they found ours to be second best! 
You can read about it here!

With every deodorant order we will be including a sample size of our SOON TO BE AVAILABLE Armpit Detox Mask absolutely FREE along with a postcard that has tips on how to transition to natural deodorant!

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