Carrot Seed Oil and Its Uses | By Robin CreationsCarrot Seed Oil and Its Uses | By Robin Creations

Carrot Seed Oil and Its Uses

Carrots aren't just nutritionally good for you. They also have wonderful properties for hair and skin! Carrots and its seeds have high amounts of vitamin A and other antioxidants which makes carrot seed oil a wonderful anti-aging ingredient to use for bodycare. Having high amounts of antioxidants makes it perfect to use in natural sunscreens. Products that included carrot seed oil in the ingredients had an SPF of 38-40, according to a study in "Pharmacognosy Magazine." All of BRC's sunscreen products feature carrot seed oil along with other great UV blocking ingredients. Eating large amounts of carrots may even help to block UV from the inside out! Carrot seed oil is also great for helping to reduce signs of aging, sunburns, dry skin, and other skin irritations. Research has even shown that it can kill certain types of bacteria and fungi. So, when mom told you to eat your carrots she knew what she was talking about!

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By Robin Creations

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