Vegan Body Mist


This Vegan Body Mist is a 100% natural fragrance spray that is super refreshing! Doesn't contain any toxic chemicals like most body sprays! Light, long-lasting, and smells fantastic due to the 100% pure essential oils! Great for both men & women!

Want to create your own signature scented product?  We can do that for you at no extra cost!  Just choose "Custom Scent" from the choices below and tell us, in the comments section at checkout, which essential/skin-safe fragrance oils you'd like us to use and the ratio/percentage of each.  You can find our complete list of Organic Essential Oils & Skin-Safe Fragrance Oils on our "About Our Scents" page.  If we have any questions, we'll call or email you.

Scents Available:

-*LIMITED EDITION* Pumpkin Spice (Fall Blend): relaxing, uplifting, and promotes joy

-*LIMITED EDITION* Rosemary & Rose (Spring Blend): stimulating and promotes a feel-good mood

-Blue Spruce: grounding, relaxing, uplifting, and soothes the respiratory system

-Lemongrass-Eucalyptus: energizing, uplifting, & soothes the respiratory system

-Jasmine Gardenia: energizing, uplifting, boosts the immune system, & soothes the respiratory system

-Lavender-Pine: relaxing & uplifting

-Fresh Lavender: relaxing

-Tangerine Grapefruit: energizing & uplifting

-Sweet Hippie: relaxing, uplifting, and soothing

-Cedarwood: relaxing and mentally stimulating & clarifying

-Sandalwood: calming, relaxing, and mentally stimulating

-Oak Moss & Amber: relaxing, relieves stress, promotes a feel-good mood, and soothes the respiratory system

Plus many more we have just added.  Check the drop-down menu for choices.

INGREDIENTS: Distilled Water, Witch Hazel, Grain Alcohol, Essential Oils

*Comes in 4 oz & 8 oz aluminum spray bottles, 10 oz Continuous Spray Flairosol Bottles, & 8.5 oz aluminum refill pouches

FREE SHIPPING on orders of $50 or more & FREE GIFT WITH ANY ORDER!! When you place ANY order, we will send you a free product or sample with your order!

We make ALL PRODUCTS with the highest quality ingredients - unrefined and organic when possible. All products are handmade in our workshop in Santa Fe, NM. We incorporate aromatherapy through beneficial essential oils in every product, so not only do the products work extremely well, they smell amazing. Everything we make is 100% Vegan and leaves your skin gorgeous!

Each product we sell is always handmade in small batches to ensure quality and freshness.

This product is free of:
-Preservatives and chemicals
-Artificial colors and dyes
-Synthetics and parabens
-Animal products, animal by-products, and animal testing


By Robin Creations, LLC accepts no liability and shall not be held responsible for any injuries, damages, or losses resulting from the use of products purchased from this shop. Purchasing shop products signifies your acceptance of this statement and releases By Robin Creations, LLC and/or Robin Goddard from all liability.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Melissa Gregory
Great product!

I purchased the sandlewood spray. I absolutely love the smell, it is not overwhelming and it lasts all day!

Beautiful Body Mist

I recently bought the lemongrass and ginger lily body mist. I really like the scent, it smells natural and clean. It doesn't have that fake overpowering scent that a lot of big brands do. Great product, I feel I will need to start a collection.

Perfect body mist

I recently got the vanilla citrus body mist and it is SO pleasant! Nice and refreshing and provides just the right amount of lovely scent without being overpowering. I will be trying other varieties too!

vanessa Wilder
Very nice

I’m not a perfume girl. I’ve always preferred body mists and vanilla and coconut scents are my favorites. Robin happily made me a custom scented body mist in vanilla coconut and it’s fabulous! I have one for my purse and one in my room. I just ordered another custom scented body mist in lemon vanilla coconut and I can’t wait for it to get here! You’ll love it! If you prefer your spray strongly scented be sure to write that in the note at checkout.

Mariah Chamberlin

I absolutely love the smell and it stays on for so long!

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