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Easy DIY Vibrant Dried Flowers


Fresh flowers inside the home are always a joy to look at. They instantly brighten up a room and improve your mood. Are you a gardener like us? Even better are fresh cut flowers that have been grown in your own garden. The only downside to fresh flowers is they won't last forever. We've found an easy way to preserve beautiful garden flowers and have them inside all year long, looking as gorgeous as ever. This process of drying actually allows the flowers to look very close to what a fresh flower looks like, not all sad & dried up looking!

We hope you take some time and try out this fun DIY product by yourself or with some friends or turn it into a family affair and get your kids involved. We will be doing a different DIY project each month.

DIY Vibrant Dried Flowers

Here's What You'll Need:

-Non Toxic Silica Gel (Grab at any craft store or buy online)

-Container with Lid (big enough to fit whatever kind of flower you will be using)

-Fresh Cut Flowers


-Paint Brush

Drying Steps:

1. Fill container with about 1/4 inch thickness of silica gel

2. Cut flower stems to desired length

3. Lay flowers on top of the layer of silica gel, not touching one another

4. Add more silica on & around flowers (making sure to get into all the little crevices of the flower) and completely cover them with it

5. Put the lid on and wait 36-48 hours

6. After 36-48 hours, take the lid off and gently uncover one of the flowers. If the flower is lightweight and not squishy, then it is fully dry. If the flower is still soft feeling and not that lightweight, then cover it back up with the silica. Give it another 24-48 hours before checking again. Bigger flowers will take more time than smaller flowers. We used sunflowers for this DIY, and it took about 5 days before they were fully dry due to how big they were.

7. Once flowers are fully dry, take a paint brush and gently dust off any silica residue left on the flower.

8. Display in a beautiful vase!

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