Let's Talk about Exfoliation | By Robin CreationsLet's Talk about Exfoliation | By Robin Creations

Let's Talk about Exfoliation

How Important is Exfoliation?

Dead skin cells on the surface of your skin can make your skin look dull and parched. Dry, flaky, and cracked skin can be uncomfortable and for some, embarrassing. Exfoliation is defined as the removal of the oldest dead skin cells on the skin's outermost surface. Exfoliation can be chemical (chemical peels, etc) or mechanical (scrubs and such). While we do not dabble in the chemical side of exfoliation, we have several fantastic and healthy options for the mechanical removal of dead skin cells.

The Basics

There are five main types of mechanical scrubs...sugar, baking soda, salt, coffee and loofah and we make all of them in one form or another. We have sugar scrubs for your feet and your hands & body. We have a very gentle baking soda scrub for your face. We have a salt scrub soap, a coffee scrub bar and a soap with a built-in loofah. Let's learn about how and where to use each of those. The most important thing about removing dead skin cells is to moisturize afterwards, replacing the natural oils that are removed during exfoliation. All of our exfoliants are made with rich oils and butters to leave your skin soft and nourished.

Exfoliating Your Face

The skin on your face is very delicate and gets irritated easily, so we created a super gentle baking soda face scrub. This amazing scrub is gentle enough to be used every day on even the most sensitive and delicate skin. Both versions, Radiance Anti-Aging and Clear Skin Acne Blasting, are packed with moisturizing oils, organic aloe vera juice and just the right amount of baking soda to leave your face soft, glowing and super moisturized. This face scrub can also be kept by the kitchen sink and works great on your hands, giving them much-needed moisture after hand or dish washing.

We also have a hand-crocheted cotton face scrubbie if you prefer to use your cleanser or facial soap to exfoliate. We have two different facial soaps that can be used with the face scrubbie. Our Radiance Anti-Aging Charcoal Bar with Green Tea Extract, Kaolin Clay and Witch Hazel helps reduce pore size appearance and leaves your face clean and refreshed. Our Clear Skin Acne Blasting Banana and Turmeric Bar is our best-selling soap. The banana (yes, we use real mushed up organic bananas) clears up and prevents breakouts & cystic acne while the turmeric soothes inflammation and reduces redness and sensitivity. One of my assistants, Autumn, used to have severe cystic acne and after using this bar for about 6 months, her face is dramatically clearer and her cystic acne is gone! Her pictures are on the listing page of this soap. If you have acne in any form, I highly recommend that you check out her pictures and give this soap a try. It is truly a miracle worker! Both of our facial bars can be used on the entire body, too.

Exfoliating Your Body

From our chest to our toes, our skin is much tougher and can take a more intense scrub. Our brand-new Shea Butter & Magnesium Hand & Body Scrub is made with Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil and Organic Olive Oil that has been infused with Chamomile, Arnica and Helichrysum. We add in 2 types of organic sugar as well as Epsom salt, a much-needed source of magnesium that your body absorbs while you scrub. You can order it in any one of our wonderful scent blends, unscented or have us create a special custom scent blend to delight your senses. This simple yet magical creation can be used on all parts of the body (except your face!), leaving your skin soft and moisturized. I keep a jar of this next to my kitchen sink as well as in my shower. I use this scrub in the shower about twice a week and on my legs before I shave, as it makes the hair stand up, giving a super close and moisturizing shave. There's no need to use body lotion after using this in the shower.

If you prefer to exfoliate your body with soap, we have several options. Our coffee scrub soap is extremely popular and offers intense and invigorating scrub, as it has New Mexico Pinon coffee grounds to slough off dead skin and caffeine to help eliminate cellulite and revitalize dull skin. We also have a salt scrub soap for a gentler scrub. This bar is made with Himalayan Sea Salt for a gentle scrub and the salt is packed with minerals that your body absorbs while you cleanse. Our loofah soap has a built-in loofah sponge and can be used all over your body to slough off dead flaky skin. All of our soaps are palm-oil free, made in small batches and are scented with pure essential oils and skin-safe fragrance oils.

Let's Talk About Those Feet!

Dry, cracked, and splitting feet can be terribly uncomfortable and sometimes painful. I don't know about you, but I live in open sandals (usually flip-flops) and I am on my feet all day long. At the end of every day, my feet are sore, dry and sometimes cracked and painful. If I ignore them, they get worse. About twice a week, I soak them in a hot/warm water bath, give them a wonderful scrub with our sugar foot scrub, rinse and pat them dry and follow up with a thin layer of healing foot balm. (I actually apply a thin layer the foot balm every night.) Our healing foot scrub is made with Shea & Cocoa Butters, Olive Oil (infused with Chamomile, Arnica & Helichrysum to seal up those cracks and splits) Organic Sugar and Magnesium-rich Epsom salt. After just a few applications, your feet will be so happy! Cracks begin to seal up and your "painful feet days" will be in the rear-view mirror for good!

For the next week, each of the exfoliating products and accessories described here are 15% off, and you'll receive $10 off any order of $100+ (after discounts).

I hope this has helped explain the importance and benefits of proper exfoliation as well as the different exfoliants we offer. If you have any specific questions, please reply to this email and I'll do my best to help you out.

With much appreciation, Robin

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