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Natural Rosacea Treatments

Do you suffer with face redness, pimples, and even styes? Then, you might have what's called rosacea. It affects paler fair-skin, middle aged people, and women going through menopause. The cause is currently unknown, but factors like heredity, stress, alcohol consumption, and outdoor conditions could possibly affect it. What is rosacea exactly? It's a type of inflammation that affects your blood vessels. The blood vessels in your face flush excessively and make you look like you are blushing or have a sunburn. It's like a rash and can make your skin feel sensitive. It can even cause pimple like bumps (papules & pustules), styes on the eyes (ocular rosacea), and swelling of the face. We have scoured the internet for some natural remedies to tame that rosacea redness! Find them below.

Natural Rosacea Treatments:

-Blue Tansy       -Turmeric       -Lavender       -Tea Tree       -Eucalyptus

-Geranium       -Rosemary       -Thyme       -Oatmeal       -Carrot Seed

-Frankincense       -Blue Chamomile       -Lemon Balm       -Aloe Vera       -Ginger

-BRC Radiance/Clear Skin Face Serum        -Chamomile         -Rose

-Green Tea       -Sea Buckthorn        -Rosehip


All of these things help to reduce inflammation, take down the redness, soothe skin, fight bacterial growth, fight signs of aging, and improve blood flow, including our Radiance/Clear Skin Face Serum!


Find the essential oils of what you want to try. Add them to a carrier oil and add put in a roll on or pump bottle. Apply 1-2 times daily. For long term use, a 1% dilution is recommended (3 drops of essential oil to 2 tsp of carrier oil. You can also try a stronger dilution of 5% or even 10%. See the chart below for reference. For carrier oils, hemp seed, jojoba, argan, rosehip, or our Unscented Radiance or Clear Skin Face Serum are great options!

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